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  • Site Update!

    Well as you can see we have updated the site. This is both a front and back end update of the site. These updates will enhance the site and give you an even more pleasant user experience. Thanks for all the support!



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  • Is Alzheimer's Caused By Poor Diet?

    Today Alzheimer's is an ever growing problem with 35 million Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide.  But now evidence is pointing to a strait forward cause of this terrible disease, the western diet. That's right the modern western diet that seems to cause yet another problem, Alzheimer's.  Evidence suggests that there is a direct link between Alzeimer's and a poor diet. The mechanism for this problem seems to be related to the brains response to insulin. And with the diabetes epidemic in the US and other countries that eat a western diet this problem is likely to just get worse.  But this is also very good news because this means you we help prevent Alzheimer's by eating a healthy plant based diet. 

    You can read more about diet and Alzheimer''s here.  You can also browse our video library for many videos on diabetes, diet and other health topics. For example Defeating Diabetes.
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  • We are now mobile device friendly!

    We are proud to anounce that the Urobi.com is now mobile friendly. If you visit the site on your phone or tablet you will now get a special version of the site that is easier to see and navigate on mobile devices. So now you can get all of your favorite health and Christian videos on the go.
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  • The amazing story of Rich Roll.

    While doing research on health I came across a very inspiring story.  The story was on CNN and is about Rich Roll. He was 40 years old and overweight and out of shape.  But he decided to do something about it. He changed his diet to a plant based diet and starting exercising and training for Ultraman. And only six months later he took part in his first Ultraman coming in 11th. The Ultraman is something like an extreme triathlon where only the most fit people are able to take part.  Now he is one of the 25 most fit people in the world. You can read this amazing story here CNN. You can also see his videos right here on Urobi.

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  • Major website update!

    This is just a quick note to let you know we are in the middle of a major website update/redesign. We will be adding thousands of  Christian video and audio files over the coming weeks. Please take a look around and let us know what you think of the new look and content.
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