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Is Alzheimer's Caused By Poor Diet?

Today Alzheimer's is an ever growing problem with 35 million Alzheimer’s sufferers worldwide.  But now evidence is pointing to a strait forward cause of this terrible disease, the western diet. That's right the modern western diet that seems to cause yet another problem, Alzheimer's.  Evidence suggests that there is a direct link between Alzeimer's and a poor diet. The mechanism for this problem seems to be related to the brains response to insulin. And with the diabetes epidemic in the US and other countries that eat a western diet this problem is likely to just get worse.  But this is also very good news because this means you we help prevent Alzheimer's by eating a healthy plant based diet. 

You can read more about diet and Alzheimer''s here.  You can also browse our video library for many videos on diabetes, diet and other health topics. For example Defeating Diabetes.

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